I was recently featured on Tess Wood’s website. Tess’ debut novel, Love at First Flight, received acclaim from readers around the world and won Book of the Year in the AusRom Today Reader’s Choice Award.

Tess introduced the feature with words so glowing, I nigh-on blushed. She wrote ” I love Savannah’s energy and gorgeous smile! She’s one of the most positive, bubbly people I have ever met and at 66 years of age, she’s just released her very first novel! I haven’t read it yet, but it’s on my list and if it’s anything like Savannah it will be a sexy, fun, warm and fabulous read! Savannah has written this gorgeous piece for my readers to encourage others to follow their dreams no matter their age and she’s the perfect reminder that age is just a number. Shine on Savannah!”

To read the full feature, visit Tess’ article at http://www.tesswoods.com.au/savannah-blaize.html.