Devil In The Detail

My latest novel is published and available now from Amazon globally!

My lastest novel – Published in December 2021.
Tall, dark and handsome Dr Domenic Ericson is intelligent, wealthy and a truly gifted heart surgeon. He mends other people’s hearts, but what of his own? Other than his patients, he has spent his life avoiding the touch of humans whenever possible. That is until nurse Sophie O’Connor enters his life….. read on

My third novel – Published in September 2020.
Harper Cole has no idea what she’s getting into when she shakes hands on a deal with the Devil to hand over her firstborn son. Truth be told she has no intention of having kids. But having a handsome Devil popping in and out of Harper’s daily life is hard. Especially when he’s also popping in and out of her bed read on

My second novel – published in 2018.
If Lauren Taylor had known Tommy Slater had returned to Clearwater Springs, she would never have agreed to come back for her high school reunion. Little did she know, that secrets would be revealed, love would be rekindled and it’s almost impossible to run away from your pastread on

My debut novel – officially published April 14, 2017. Coincidentally, the same day we met Todd and Chloe. When Real Estate owner Todd Baker appears unannounced at Chloe Armstrong’s front door offering to buy her home, she is unimpressed by his offer, his good looks or his expensive suit. Not to mention his killer smile … read on

A Twisted Fairytale 

Ella Fairchild was an only child, adored by her widowed father Joshua, and everyone who knew her. James Prince knew when he met her, that Ella was innocence personified, and worth waiting for. She haunted his dreams, and whenever he thought of the future, he pictured her by his side…read on

A Contemporary Christmas Romance

Amanda McCann was following her grandmother Claire’s instructions by making a pilgrimage at the end of her overseas holiday, to the grave of her Scottish ancestors, when she literally fell into the arms of a handsome stranger…read on

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Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing.

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Knight in Shining Combat Boots.