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From Paris to Forever


My debut book was officially published April 14, 2017, and with it; Todd and Chloe.

When Real Estate owner Todd Baker appears unannounced at Chloe Armstrong’s front door offering to buy her home, she is unimpressed by his offer, his good looks or his expensive suit. Not to mention his killer smile.

Chloe has spent years as a dancer at the Lido in Paris. Until a career ending fall sent her back home to be with her dying father. She is an independent woman, who has found a new purpose restoring her home. She has no time for a controlling man in her life.

Reluctant to let this golden opportunity pass to own a prime piece of beachside property, Todd wears down Chloe’s defenses enough to allow a friendship to develop. He is surprised to find he is enjoying her company. He is falling for the ex-dancer but is totally in denial. When Patrick, Todd’s laid-back, charismatic and handsome younger brother appears, sparks fly between Patrick and Chloe.

Can Todd persuade Chloe to see him as he really is underneath the expensive façade? Will Chloe learn to trust someone with her heart, when she has been so badly let down before?

As the last few pages approached I was reluctant to finish it and say goodbye to Chloe and Todd. A beautifully written touching romance. I loved it.

- Dee Telfer

From Paris To Forever

Savannah Blaize

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319 pages

“Well done MS Blaize on a fabulous debut this one ticks all of the boxes for a wonderful romance it has a genuine hero and heroine that readers will connect with and fall for, both have issues that need to be overcome and they do this in such a way that you will not want to put the book down … this is a beauty of a story that I highly recommend.”
– Helen Sibbritt

“This is not a fast read, on the contrary Ms Blaize’s voice draws you into each moment and every emotion with a strong invitation to linger and enjoy… A neat romance. Sweet, in the best possible way, until you hit the intimate scenes–then it’s all about the flames. A fine debut novel.”
– Incy Black

“I am definitely a Savannah Blaize fan after reading this. It is a very easy read; it grabs you from the beginning. A sweet story with a storyline I could vividly relate to! It was exciting to go on the journey with Todd and Chloe; life isn’t always perfect, however, if you give it a chance you can make it beautiful with time, patience and most of all understanding. Her words are so clear and precise, I felt as though I was watching the story unfold from the steps of Chloe’s house. You will not be sorry if you decide to give this a chance. The title is sheer perfection. I am eagerly waiting to see what the future will bring from this author.”
– Freedom