I wrote a thing, a Mother’s Day thing. And by thing, I mean a short story that has been published on the Leina Broughton blog.


The early morning sun peeping through the showroom windows cast long grey shadows on the desks, and over the silent Laptops. Outside the building the birds sing a “good morning” song to anyone who listens. I yawn and stretch my arms out to get the kinks out of my folds. Any minute now the alarm will be turned off and the staff will be arriving to begin their busy day.

I’m first on the rack. My poppy print, catches the light, becomes more vibrant with every passing minute. The others jostle and shove at my skirts, but I’m not giving up my spot. I have heard a whisper that this is the day a newbie will be coming into the showroom for a style session with Tracey. I want to be the first creation she sees, the first Leina Broughton dress that adorns her body. I want her to slip me on, “Stella, in Poppy Print”, the dress with fabulous twirl factor.

A Darling distracts me trying to push ahead of a Josephine, but I’m not having any of it. I turn to tell them all to settle down. In that moment I don’t notice Fleur and Tracey unlocking the front door until the lights are on and I blink at the sudden intrusion. I pull my skirts together, tighten up my stitches and waited patiently for someone to notice me. I whisper for the others to quieten down. They straighten up on the rack, and follow my lead, anxious for the day to begin.  


You can continue reading my short story at https://leinabroughton.com.au/blogs/blog/my-stella-story-by-savannah-blaize